Tremetrics RA3000
     Now there's a comprehensive OSHA hearing conservation testing program that
sets you free. Tremetrics' interactive 3000 System takes care of audiometric testing
and lets you concentrate on helping your employees understand the importance of
protecting their hearing. Incorporating patented multimedia capabilities, the system
allows you to choose various degrees of "hands-on" to "hands-free" automated
hearing testing. Multimedia hearing tests can be conducted in the subject's
preferred language, making evaluations even more consistent and accurate for
each individual. A seamless flow of information between the RA300 Plus digital
audiometer and our FOSHM Safety and Health Software allows you to start and
monitor tests from the audiometer or the computer, a real time-saver if they are in
separate areas.

     The 3000 lets you manage your program without spending a lot of time entering
information or setting up notices, forms or summary reports. Based on FOSHM's
easy to use "point and click" interface, the software stores and cross-references
your test data as well as the specific work noise and test environments. You get a
truly accurate picture of each person's hearing profile and the tools to ensure that
hearing acuity is being accurately monitored and protected.
Multimedia hearing testing in the subject's preferred
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