Tremetrics 901 Testbooth
      The new AR-901 Audiometric Test Enclosure helps eliminate that
"closed-in" feeling that subjects may experience during a hearing test.
This single-person booth offers the most interior space of any room in its
price range and puts test subjects at ease with a full-length
sound-protective glass window.

The portable AR-901 fits through most standard doorway openings and
comes with locking casters, a quiet low voltage ventilation system,
carpeting and optional audiometer shelf. Models are available in both
right and left hand door swing and include a jack panel with six (6) 1/4"
stereo connectors for audiometers and accessories. The AR-901 meets
the latest OSHA requirements for hearing conservation testing programs.

These one-person booths come completely assembled, prewired, ready
to use. They are compact, portable and have sufficient noise reduction
capabilities for most applications
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