Bio Acoustic Simulators
Tremetrics Oscar 7
Tremetrics Oscar 6
Always insure the validity of your hearing
conservation program by checking audiometer
test accuracy daily. With the portable OSCAR 6
Electro-Acoustic Ear, the operator simply places
the earphones on the color-coded couplers and
conducts a hearing test. The resulting data
provides a permanent, legally acceptable
running log to establish that the audiometer is
"in calibration." The reliable OSCAR works
equally well with manual, automatic and
microprocessor audiometers.

When used with Tremetrics audiometers, the
unit performs an accelerated test which speeds
up compliance with the OSHA required daily
functional check. The patent-pending ID
Wizard™ even generates an automatic
compliance record when used with the new HT
Wizard audiometer.
The daily biological check for audiometers and
sound room monitoring are combined in the new
Tremetrics OSCAR 7 Electro-Acoustic Ear &
Octave Monitor. This dual-function instrument will
operate in a continuous monitoring mode, pausing
the test if noise levels in the hearing test
enclosure exceed accepted levels. Switch to Daily
Biological mode and OSCAR 7 acts as a substitute
test subject with a known hearing threshold level
to provide a daily legal record of your
audiometer's calibration compliance. Color-coded
earphone couplers accommodate all standard
earphone enclosures and help ensure accurate
testing. The OSCAR 7 also features the patent-
pending ID Wizard™ which automatically verifies
compliance using the new Tremetrics HT Wizard
audiometer.· Powered by the HT Wizard
audiometer, requires no batteries